Healthier Choice Products

Surimi, the base ingredient, can be considered a healthy seafood alternative, as it is low in cholesterol, fat and calories. Hence, DoDo products promote healthy lifestyles - in particular, the Healthy Line of functional food with the Healthier Choice endorsement by the Singapore consumer orientation, we are constantly seeking new ways we can add value and delight consumers with our product innovations and service excellence.

Charity Events

Thong Siek had taken part in numerous charity events, such as bringing the children of single parents to the zoo, hosting a group of underprivileged youths at our factory for a factory tour, providing food for them at a charity bazaar, etc. We are also considering corporate sponsorship of other worthy causes to fulfil our duties as a responsible corporate citizen and do our part for society.

Education Sponsorship

Thong Siek is also a mover in the education field. Besides giving scholarships and bursaries to primary and secondary school students, the company is also the pillar behind the achievements of some of our employees.