Steeped in a heritage of more than three decades, Thong Siek Food Industry is now the leading manufacturer, distributor and retailer of surimi-based (or minced fish paste in Japanese) seafood products in Singapore.

At our 70,000 sq ft factory at Senoko Way, Thong Siek processes over 25,000kg of fish meat daily to meet local and international demand. The list of surimi-based products included Fish Balls, Prawn Balls, Cuttlefish Balls, Mini Chikuwa, Assorted Fish Cakes, Crab Flavoured Sticks, Mushroom Seafood Balls, Breaded Fish Fingers, Breaded Fish Nuggets, etc.

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"It all started with a dream,a leap of faith and a passion for fishballs,that still endures today... although the corporate muscle has grown, our strategies still remained focus on our consumers and delivering our very best in quality, innovation and values."

Mr Lim Boon Chay,
Chairman and Managing Director

At Thong Siek Food Industry, we let our products speak for themselves and strive to enhance the value of the product. Our HACCP certification, Grade A AVA listing, Halal certification by MUIS and EU licenses are all testaments of our stringent quality policy. We will continue to benchmark against the international best practices, so as to give our customers only the very best.